Sunday, May 20, 2018


  1. hudson

    your shot of the burger at Muss and Turners rocks. makes me what to get up and go right now!

  2. kimmie

    “But his kitchen staff does to grass-fed burgers what BP is doing to the Gulf of Mexico.” lol 😉

  3. pizza_guru

    That there is a beauty! Been to M&T’s several times but never ordered the burger. I will now. What are the toppings Tom?

  4. Tom Maicon

    pizza_guru, the green is roasted poblano, cheese is Grafton cheddar, then we’ve got red onion, and it all gets a smear of house-made cilantro aioli. Bread is by Grateful Bread. In my opinion, the best burger in town.

  5. jason

    The salt issues @ Flip might be an issue of time and pre-preparation of the burger pucks. When ground meat is presalted and then formed into patties, the salt pulls out myocin, meat protein, from the meat chunks. This is sticky stuff indeed, and in sausage making, something you want to pull out and develop to get a good bind of the meat paste. In hamburgers, this is not desirable, as you want the texture to be loose and crumbly.

    So the issue might be salt quantity, how long before cooking they are salted, or how much the meat is worked once ground.

  6. Tom Maicon

    Yep, salting is a huge issue @ Flip. There is absolutely no need to salt a grass-fed patty, if cooked properly it tastes great on its own. I never salt my grass-fed burgers at home. I checked with Todd Mussman at M&T’s when doing the article and he, too, says he never salts or seasons his grass-fed burgers.

    I like my burgers to be thick and cooked over a chargrill, not a greasy flat top. The hot flat burner gives that fast food style flavor. I like a gushy, juicy texture. I use White Oak Pastures at home — my personal favorite.

    I am far more impressed with Farm Burger right now than I am Flip. That being said, I did lunch today At Yeah! Burger and wasn’t impressed in the least. Patties are thin enough to swipe through a credit card machine and only offered medium well. Dry and flavorless.

    I was looking for more out of Shaun. It’s hard to believe that’s White Oak Pastures he’s using considering I use the same and the flavor and texture I get is so totally different. He’s certainly not doing White Oak Pastures justice.

  7. jason

    I need to go to Muss&turner’s. It’s about 2 miles from me..and i’ve been once.

  8. jason

    The M&T burger is incredible.

  9. David

    US Cafe in Smyrna. That’s all you need to know about good burgers.

  10. H Lamar Thomas

    Love the two posts by Jason! Grass fed does require attention to how the meat is prepped and to how it is cooked. Anyone can source but it is what takes place in the kitchen that matters. Blaming inability to cook to temp on volume is a leaky bucket and a lie. Cooks cook to temperature in all aspects of cooking from cold to hot preparations. Grass fed is delicious and if the restaurant is incapable of training their cooks to cook then just go with factory meat instead and save everyone the headache. I am in the rare to medium rare as the ONLY temperature set for grass fed for all reasons from biological to chemical to taste preference. I have served it, buy it as a customer and use at home. Restaurants invariably over cook this great beef. Last time was a burger and my medium rare was medium well and the other was medium that was well. Thanks for nothing restaurants I will not name. No need to ride a wave if you can’t surf.

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