Tuesday, July 17, 2018


  1. jason molinari

    the beef on weck @ Taco mack in Kennesw is awful. Dry overcooked beef, and a tastyless brown water on the side.
    No thanks.

    The horseradish sauce @ Barker’s is awesome…get some extra on the side and it’ll clear your foggy brain.

  2. rick roeder

    Barkers [beef on weck] is truely a symphony of flavor. Their homemade weck rolls coupled to their horseradish sauce and juicy beef, make this sandwich the best in the south! The ‘beef on weck’ at Taco Macs isn’t even half as good as a Buffalo weck, go get the real deal at Barkers.

  3. cheesemonger

    Hi Tom,

    As we hear more and more about industrial farming practices, I’m making a concerted effort to not eat industrially or cruelly raised meats. Do you know where the meat comes from in any of these sandwiches? I feel that the only way to get restaurants to care is if we ask.


  4. Tom Maicon

    Hi Cheesemonger,

    The best quality meat of all these is at Barkers by a mile. I’ve never asked (it’s a little loud inside) and I’m only guessing when I say his flank is not sustainably raised.

    And I agree with you about asking, voice is a very powerful thing.

  5. Grant

    Tom, thanks for the heads-up on this sandwich. We finally got to Barker’s (they’re now closed for supper) on Saturday and it was as good as I’d hoped. I wonder how it tastes with a little of their house hot sauce smeared on it…

  6. Iggystooge

    I went to Barker’s this weekend, and was disappointed in the beef on weck. The bread was not insanely delicious or made in house, as Tom wrote. It was a doctored up kaisar roll, the manager told me. Too doctored up, too much salt and caraway. Beef was okay, gristly, def not anything special, and not enough au jus to counteract the somewhat dry bun. If this is the best weck in Atlanta, I won’t be trying the others. Dogs looked great, though, wish I had gotten one of those instead. And the fries were very good. But if you are from Buffalo, don’t get your expectations up too high for the weck.

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