Sunday, May 20, 2018


  1. scott

    That sucks!!

  2. Gaslog

    Chang we can’t believe in!

  3. cvillian

    Yes! We get him for another year in Virginia!

  4. HD

    According to Drucker, he will remain here in Atlanta this week.

  5. Tom Maicon

    Funny, Chang told me he was leaving today for vacation then returning to Virginia.

  6. johnb

    That comports with my information (specifically the vacation is in Florida), which was derived from a very reliable source. But of course nothing is ever certain.

  7. Richard

    Oh, please come back to Charlottesville.

  8. Brad

    Where is Chang working in Va? Is it near DC? My DC peeps would love him.

  9. HD

    All I can do is relay the info…

    From Drucker:

    “Carpe diem. Mr. Chang is at TC this week.

    Bear in mind, however what Thomas Wolfe wrote: “You can’t go home again”.

    Mr. Chang is cooking, helping out in the absence of the recently departed for greener pastures young chef from Harbin–the hero of the Rooster configured composed salad and many other fine dishes. ”

    Posted yesterday morning.

  10. HD

    “Oh, please come back to Charlottesville.”

    My guess would be Charlottesville. Merely a guess though.

  11. Tom Maicon

    HD, I spoke with Dahe Yang (Tasty China’s owner) after reading your post here. He assures me that Peter Chang has indeed left town as planned. He also tells me the search for a location for the new restaurant for he and Chang is on.

  12. Tom Maicon

    HD, I believe Chang told me it was Charlottesville.

  13. Bubba Grubba

    We already lost him? WTF?

  14. HD

    “HD, I believe Chang told me it was Charlottesville.”

    I know – it was kind of a tongue-in-cheek response to Brad’s comment… considering what the post from Richard right before his said.

    “He assures me that Peter Chang has indeed left town as planned.”

    Yeah, that’s too bad. I was really just relaying the info I had read from a S. Drucker post. Given the confusing situation I figured it would be worth quoting.

    Glad to hear the search for a new location is seriously in the works!

  15. Hilary the Ice Machine!

    I’ve never heard of this guy before now, but now I’m hearing that he is wonderful and I’ve got to try this sometime! If I am ever in Virginia, I will make sure to stop by and see what all the fuss is about!

  16. Gary Neal

    I’ve never heard of this guy either, but if it’s better than a fast food restaurant and some beverage fountains, I obviously need to check Peter Chang out.

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