Tuesday, July 17, 2018


  1. pizza_guru

    Brandi’s is an area classic! I especially love the “we don’t take any shit” attitude.

  2. stale bread

    huh? pizza guru, i’ve been to brandi’s several times but never noticed the attitude. are you sure you’re talking about the same place?

  3. ryan

    brandi’s is rough, and very redneck. i do love me a good spicy chili dog though.

  4. Bubba Grubba

    Barker’s hot dogs get the grubba’s vote! Next time your there try teh beef on weck its great.

  5. Tom Maicon

    +1 in regards to the beef on weck at Barkers….it’s probably the best in town. What really makes it is that salty homemade Kummelweck bread. The fresh horseradish practically shoots smoke out the ears with every bite. Man, is that good stuff.

  6. rick roeder

    Barkers is the real deal! The best beef on Weck in the south, I guarantee. And those signature hot dogs are the best hot dogs I’ve eaten since I moved from the western NY area. Barkers has created a fun, comfortable, family eating experience that will keep me coming back year after year. The staff at Barkers are the most friendly and welcoming group, while the restaurant is one of the cleanest spots I’ve ever eaten at.

  7. cs

    Tom in your story the address for Barkers is wrong — should be 3000 Windy Hill Rd. I know looked for and couldn’t find it. When I finally did it was awesome!! Thanks!!

  8. BillVol

    I’ve been going to Brandi’s for years and it’s as good as advertised. I don’t bother with the Varsity anymore. Last time I was in town I tried Barkers. I made the mistake of getting it with their chili (not good at all), which killed the dog. Next time, I’ll try it with something else. Probably just mustard.

  9. Tom Maicon

    Bill, I like the Barkers dog with their signature sauce, onions and pickles. The sauce is only slightly spicy, if at all……great flavor tho.

  10. George Smith

    Visited barkers at Roswell today, the guy who took the order sounded as hw was In charge, but the lady grilling the burger did mess the whole order which was for my 4 yr ooh and myself. The burger was cold ,the bun was not toasted correct, also did not add the right toppings. I hope this not repeated going forward. Very discouraging experience!

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