Sunday, May 20, 2018


  1. Laura Wickiser

    Thanks for this tip on where to find a good affordable lobster roll! Next time I’m in that area I’ll definitely be going to get one. I’m gotten my lobster roll fix at JCT Kitchen in the past and they’re quite good there but at $20 a pop it’s not something I can afford often.

  2. artyc

    for someone in the restaurant business, how do you buy a lobster roll from a cooler.
    what temp is the mayo no one knows. just waiting for someone to get poisoned from the cheap lobster roll.

  3. Robert

    Hey Tom,
    Thank you for writing this very nice article about our bakery!
    We will try to have the lobster rolls available throughout the summer and are planning on providing other specialties as well.
    For those concerned about coolers-everything is kept in “real” refrigerators (below 40 degress).
    The coolers are used for temporary storage of items that will be sold within an hour (and yes, they are full of ice).
    Our cakes, cupcakes and everything we sell is exceptionally fresh, not just for health reasons, but to ensure every bite is delicious :)

  4. Tom Maicon

    Thanks for chiming in Robert.

  5. artyc

    That is a bunch of bull, the sign said lobster sliders, there was no picture of a lobster roll,and as for the cooler
    go poison yourself with mayo what temputure are you keeping the lobster and mayo with no customers coming in to the store. The person in the bakery pointed to the man with the cooler, saying she had nothing to do with the lobster person. If you want a fast trip to the hospital, have a slider.

    Good Luck

  6. Lynn

    very small roll, slider, we were expecting a roll. The meat is good and fresh. If you go make sure you know what you are getting….

  7. Jerry

    Local Three has a pretty tasty Lobster Roll

  8. Karen

    Tom, thank you so much for this article. It’s really hard to find
    a hot lobster roll so far from New England, especially one that uses
    the split bun. I don’t even mind if it’s small, I’m just happy to have even a bite
    of something authentic. Not worried about mayo since hot lobster
    rolls do not have mayo. :). I’m driving over 45 miles this weekend to get one..

  9. anonymous

    If you ever travel up to Boston, grab the hot-buttered lobster roll at Neptune (63 Salem Street) in the North End. Hands down the best I’ve ever tried…an orgy of lobster, butter, and toasted yeasty roll.

  10. Makirio

    Try the Crawfish Shack off Buford Highway – its amazing, but will cost you $17. Very yummy!

  11. Gina Sen

    I’ve had the pleasure of going into this bakery after hearing rave reviews from one of my friends who is a foodie as well. The lobster rolls were delicious, and was actually made fresh for us since the man making them had customers coming in and out of the store. The roll is soft, and the lobster has very little dressing as to not mask the flavor of the lobster chunks. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

    Lobsters are usually shipped to various locations all the time and this particular facility made their rolls on the spot or not too long before you eat them, so I wolfed down two and would love to get more. I don’t see how anybody could get sick (or get sick of) eating these lobster rolls, everything is done hygenically.

    Of course, I polished off a light fluffy coconut cream cupcake for dessert right afterward from the bakery and I was happy as a clam :)

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