Thursday, June 21, 2018

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  1. Reality

    DOR won’t interpret it that way. Distributors, liquor stores and big breweries will make sure of that.

    They see brewpubs being able to sell packaged alcohol for off premise consumption as a foot in the door of the three tier system. There was a mild compromise of this earlier this year which upped the amount of barrels that a licensed brewpub could sell to a distributor but that was just about all they were willing to give up and I seriously doubt anything gets traction in the near future. The amount of regulatory hurdles alcohol producers have to navigate in this state is absolutely comical and the stigma the state puts on alcohol sales in general has really helped to severely limit the potential of Atlanta as the craft brew capitol of the SE.

    The market is here, will our regulators and legislators ever truly recognize the economic development aspect?

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