Sunday, May 20, 2018


  1. pizza_guru

    WOW!!! I have a date with hell.

  2. jake

    Does it come with a fire extinguisher?

  3. kimmie

    Tom, did you really eat that?

  4. Tom Maicon

    Kimmie, I split it with Melanie who couldn’t handle the heat so she pulled off most of those incredibly hot toppings. That’s good news for those who aren’t sure… can always scrape off the peppers, ghost chili sauce and habanero & onion slaw after the first bite or two if the heat is too much for you.

    I manned up and ate it all. It’s so damn hot, it actually made my eyes water. I don’t say that very often.


  5. Lamar Thomas

    I hate you! haha! So, after a discussion a couple of days ago about going hot as possible I did it with ground venison and Jimmy Dean sage sausage with all but lettuce, tomato and ghost peppers. I do not have any ghost peppers. I am making it again tonight and doubling the serrano, keeping jalapeno, chipotle, poblano and roasted sambal in same 6th teaspoon (chopped) each amounts. Bought a fresh half gallon of Silk Sweet Coconut milk for courage and relief. Russet potatoes for my fries. If no one hears anything from me for a couple of days send help.

  6. chris gatti

    Hey Chef when your wife and daughter are finished eating that creation of yours, you can come down for a Hell burger on me! : )
    Actually will be coming to Athens soon, on a project up there, so I could drop off some ghost chilis for you to play with, and we could finally meet.

  7. Lamar Thomas

    I would love it. Just send an email to

    I had a total of 1.2 ounces of peppers so it was more flavorful than burn crazy. Hung up on this thing so going to double the peppers tonight. Glutton for punishment. Adding banana peppers just for the hell of it.

  8. Clay S.

    I ate the full load in a few minutes; I eat spicy stuff all the time and this did some damage. My eyes did tear up a bit and I made my way to the restroom to wipe the remnants from my beard. It was quite delicious though. Highly recommended, but you have been warned.

  9. Joe

    The bell burger sounds GREAT…..I gotta try it!!…how about a pasta dish with ghost and habanero in it!!!

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