Sunday, May 20, 2018


  1. Chris Kaiser

    Great list. I’m actually researching beer bars in Atlanta in case I ever want to open one. I live right by Muss and Turners. I like the place, but I’m not in love with it. However, they do a beer tasting once a week that is very fun. We definitely need more beer bars in the Smyrna/Vinings area of town. If you go 180 degrees to the other side of the city (Decatur) you have an amazing selection of beer bars.

    My mecca is Brickstore Pub. No place in Atlanta can compete with the atmosphere in the upstairs Belgian bar.
    I liken Porter to a mini-Brickstore without the ambiance.

    One place you should consider adding is Holeman and Finch. The food is better than the beer selection, but combined this place makes an excellent Gastropub. Great list!

  2. Tom Maicon

    I did consider H&F but decided the beer list was way too weak….the effort goes into the cocktails.

  3. Conner

    The most effective bars along with sports bars seem to be in San Diego.Just about every pub must have refreshments,music, and naturally tvs.The drinks are usually rather pricey however you can easily pick to fix your consume to make it even more tasty.The greatest aspect of a bar is actually to have fun with your own near associates after a prolonged week.

  4. Jim Galasso

    Visited “5 Seasons Brewing” website to view their menu. I restaurant that is too afraid to put prices on its menu is far too scary to actually visit!

  5. Jenny

    Great list! I mentioned this list in my blog for

  6. Crawford

    @ Jim G: the prices are on the 5 Westside and 5 North menus on the website. And we update our daily specials every day on the website too with prices. (Sorry, I don’t know about the Prado.)

  7. Lauren

    Small correction: Nick’s last name is Rutherford. Molly’s last name is Gunn.

  8. heywood

    What about Wild Wing Marietta? JK and crew have been an Oasis of craft beer for 16 years now. I’d certainly put them in the top 10.

  9. Brad Roe

    With no less than six fresh beers on tap at all times, it is beyond me how Max Lager’s could be left off this list?

  10. H Mitchell

    We have a client with 3600 beer bottle collection from all over the world. Looking for a home for it. 60 page Inventory included. please send email if interested

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