Sunday, December 16, 2018


  1. matt

    Have you tried Heirloom Market BBQ?

  2. Tom Maicon

    Yes, I was served two inedible meals at Heirloom Market BBQ, none of which had contained the slightest hint of smoke. Brisket was so tough and bland it is how I imagine a tire to taste. In the paper version of this article I included why I left out Heirloom Market BBQ so I’ve added that clip here along with 2 cool bar-b-q sites to follow.

  3. Bob

    Not a fan of Daddy D’z or DBA BBQ????

  4. Tom Maicon

    Daddy DZ is okay (certainly not great) and I didn’t find anything about DBA BBQ that was fantastic.

  5. Cliff Hanger

    Agree 100 percent with the restaurant list. Disagree with the blog list. Don’t know the dude from Adam, but his blog blows away the two you listed–at least for barbecue

    The other one is better for crappy chains though.

  6. Brent Jackson

    Mike’s Bone Lick BBQ? He was doing Monday nights at P’Cheen and is close to opening his own restaurant. So good

  7. Tom Maicon

    Brent, I can’t wait until he opens I believe his place will be great.

  8. artyc

    Swallow in the hollow sure went down hill. the portions are not the same and do not order sliced pork all you get is fatty pork. the waiter said not to order
    sliced pork just chopped pork which has no taste, Cue is so much better.

  9. Sean Wood

    Had Fox Bros for lunch today. They are hands down the best in Atlanta.

  10. NomNomNomATL

    How do you not even mention Harolds?

  11. Dustin Moody

    Not sure how you include Swallow and Cue on this list. Unreal. Agree with all of the others. Tough to see Heirloom so inconsistent.

    Check out my GA BBQ blog here if ever interested:

  12. Grant at Marie, Let's Eat!

    Tom, first you tease me because I don’t know anything about sushi. So I go to a media event at R Rice to learn, and now you tease me for going to media events. I feel like I can’t win for losing.

    I am concerned that we have a perception as being a chain-heavy blog, when those actually comprise only about 9% of our posts, and many of those are about chains with no presence in the Atlanta market, like In-n-Out, Petros, Whataburger and Shipley’s Do-Nuts, along with Atlanta-based chains like the Varsity and Taqueria del Sol. True, Marie and I enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other writers and learn more about the industry when we attend large media events, but our focus is always going to be on independent businesses and the stories their owners have to share. I appreciate the chance to clarify that point, and welcome the new readers that your link has brought us. Thank you.

  13. Cliff Hanger

    Cue and SATH certainly belong among the big boys. Not as much smoke–true, but among the best beyond debate.

  14. Big Ray

    Couldn’t agree more on Heirloom, two dissapointing trips myself.

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