Monday, October 15, 2018


  1. Eleanor

    Hi Tom! Always open to suggestions – don’t have to call it a soap box. We really do need feedback. AND – already have a belgian trippel coming… plus other cool stuff. Stay tuned. Eleanor

  2. Tom Maicon

    Hi Eleanor! I didn’t even have you mind when I went off on my soap box tangent. When I wrote this article you were only getting ready for your big opening.

    With my open letter I was only trying to let the growler folks know that there are several of us who don’t buy a growler just because it’s keg beer, especially when the options are beers we can buy off the shelf just about anywhere.

    You know, there are several Belgian beers that really are significantly better on tap and nobody is taking advantage of that or educating the consumer.

    Recommendations: St. Bernardus abt 12 and Gulden Draak come to mind during the winter months. Is it possible to score a torpedo of St Feuillien tripel, or even the brune? Why not Allagash? And while I’m on a roll, I don’t ever recall seeing any Corsendonk beers, not even the famous Christmas Ale over the holidays. But then, I may have missed it.

    What I am basically saying is: don’t just throw Fat Tire on tap and expect all of us to be in awe because it’s to-go draft beer. Take it a step further with a tap or two.

    Thanks for chiming in and good luck on your new venture!

  3. chris

    Not a fad at all, in much of the rest of this country, Growlers are an important revenue source for independent brewers. Growing up in the NE and being a Bostonian I cant tell you how much I hated when I relocated to GA that I couldn’t get a growler at Terrapin or Sweetwater when I visited the brewery. I just hope the laws here in GA wake up….

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